Terms and Conditions


  1. Rhythm House, operated by its parent concern, is a marketing and distribution entity and does not engage in manufacturing.

  2. The purchaser certifies that their registration certificate under the TNGST Act 1959 is valid at the time of sale of the goods mentioned in this Bill/Cash Memo/Invoice.

  3. Our responsibility concludes once the goods depart from our warehouse.

  4. We issue a GST invoice for all products sold and require the buyer’s company GST No. for inclusion in the invoice. The buyer must provide the 3 pages of the company’s GST certificate for invoice processing.

  5. A 2% convenience fee applies to canceled orders before shipping, increasing to 5% if canceled post-shipping. A 3% deduction is applicable for order modifications after shipping. These charges will be deducted from the refund amount.

  6. A 5% deduction from the order value occurs for Bajaj EMI payments if the order is canceled by the buyer.

  7. Goods sold consist of computer spares and components, not forming a complete system unless specified as a “New PC System.”

  8. Products purchased for non-standard usage must be disclosed during the purchase; otherwise, the warranty is void.

  9. Customers cannot waive responsibility based on ignorance of terms and conditions.

  10. For gaming chairs, only part replacement is applicable for defective or damaged products; no refunds are provided.

  11. “Dead on Arrival” product claims require all original parts and accessories to be present; failure results in rejection.

  12. Physical damage, mishandling, or tampering with warranty stickers void warranty coverage. Installation requires a qualified PC Hardware engineer.

  13. Rhythm House reserves the right to cancel orders due to pricing or stock issues.

  14. Disputes arising from the sale contract will be exclusively decided by the court in AHMEDABAD.



  1. All products sold by Rhythm House have carry-in warranties. Both-side shipping charges for RMA outside our policy window are the buyer’s responsibility.

  2. On-site warranty is covered only within the brand’s reach; outside areas shift to carry-in service.

  3. Rhythm House’s shipping service for RMA products does not cover damage in transit, and the company is not liable in such cases.

  4. “Direct Warranty” or “Manufacturer Warranty” means warranty is provided by the Manufacturer/Distributor; Rhythm House has no legal or financial liability.

  5. Customers are advised to provide a copy of Rhythm House’s invoice for warranty purposes when facing service problems.

  6. Goods for warranty repair must be in good physical condition.

  7. Products with specified damages will be rejected and considered warranty void.

  8. RMA/WARRANTY CLAIM duration adheres to the brand’s policy; delays are not under Rhythm House’s control.

  9. Warranty stands void for damage caused by mishandling, lack of knowledge, improper handling, electricity problems, etc.

  10. Warranty covers manufacturing defects as per the manufacturer’s policy; local service centers handle warranty claims.

  11. Warranty service includes repair or replacement per the manufacturer’s/supplier’s policy.

  12. Rhythm House reserves the right to reject warranty claims without accessories, manuals, software CDs/DVDs, and outer box packing.

  13. Service-related issues must be addressed directly to manufacturers/distributors; Rhythm House is not responsible for litigation.

  14. Warranty service is contingent on full payment made on the due date.

  15. The RMA/WARRANTY CLAIM service is not guaranteed for a lifetime; Rhythm House reserves the right to revoke it without prior notice.



  1. All information on Rhythm House is protected by copyright and intellectual property laws.

  2. Rhythm House updates and maintains the site independently. Modifying, publishing, transmitting, selling, or exploiting the content in any way is prohibited.

  3. Rhythm House disclaims all warranties or conditions, subjecting itself to the jurisdiction of the courts of AHMEDABAD, India.

  4. Rhythm House reserves the right to suspend or cancel services due to technical problems affecting security or proper administration.

  5. Rhythm House values associate privacy and does not disclose individual information to outside sources.

  6. Rhythm House may refuse service to anyone at any time.

  7. Information about users will not be used without permission, and users can manage and control provided information.

  8. Rhythm House does not disclose personal information for advertising or other marketing purposes.

  9. Cash payments above 50,000/- are not accepted by Rhythm House.



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